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When you think of Chastity you think of women in massive metal knickers. Chastity belts may be used as part of orgasm control and to prevent the wearer from having sex without the permission of the dominant partner, who acts as "keyholder". A chastity device will also prevent other sexual activity such as masturbation and oral sex. A chastity device such as a chastity belt or cock cage may be worn for the duration of a sexual play, for a limited period or as a long-term arrangement. Wearers are recommended to remove the device before sleeping. Male Chastity is becoming popular and the most popular male chastity device is the...

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Well Christmas is only 10 days away so we thought we’d compile a list of 10 of the sexiest gift ideas from The Pantie Purse. These xmas gift ideas are for both men and women so everyone can be satisfied over this festive period. Lingerie. Lingerie is a great gift, as not only is it something nice for the person receiving it but it’s also a treat for the person giving it.  2. Mens Underwear Well we had to feature underwear for men, especially as it’s their kind of lingerie. We recommend Waxx Boxer Shorts. as not only do they look and feel...

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This week it's not so much of a position but a state of mind and voice. The Sex Position Of The Week is Talking Dirty. Many people find it hard to talk dirty in the bedroom due to a number of reasons, but here's some tips to help you get started, after all we all like to try new things to spice things up in the bedroom. Location matters. Don’t talk dirty somewhere a person who you don't want to hear can hear. Taking dirty is about exploring fantasies in a safe environment, so creating the environment matters. Timing is everything.
 “Like with...

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Sex position of the week explores the British obsession with sex and their top fetishes. from sex tapes, to BDSM, this blog will cover what us brits get up to in the bedroom. We thought of only doing the top 5, but we couldn't miss out number 6, so the top 6 it is. Taking the number 1 spot is making a sex video. This is a he turn o for us Brits and with nearly everyone having a smart phone, making a sex tape/video couldn't be easier.   Falling from the top spot is our favourite, BDSM. It stands for bondage...

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Today we are going to share some of the funniest things people have had said to them during sex. Sex can be hilarious and a little weird after all. Sex is great after all but some things can get lost in translation, or just should be said whilst getting down and dirty. We start with first time sex - "It's just like putting in a big tampon!" It was her first time so she was on top fumbling around for awhile, and when she finally got it in she let out a happy little squeak and said that with the...

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