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Sex Position Of The Week - Sex and Lifestyle Blog

We are back this week with our usual saucy posts and it's Sex Position Of The Week time.

So far in the blog its all been about the penetration, and that is all well and good, however as most women cum through clitorous stimulation we thought we would talk about a bit of cunnilingus.

For people who don't know what cunnilingus is - what are you doing? - Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on the female genitals. (well thats the official description).

Our Sex Position Of The Week is the 69.

How to perform the 69 -

Well this position is rather simple, its oral sex performed on your partner at the same time. the picture above is the basic version, where one partner is straddled over the over. i.e she is sitting on his face and she is bent over giving him a blow job. What a great position right ???

This position can be performed in many ways, take a look at the image below of a 69 on a chair. why not get creative, with the places you perform this amazing sex position and most of all have fun trying it out.

So what products best suit this position? Well flavoured lube of course. Make your others private parts taste great with lubricant by Give Lube. A Cherry and Raspberry Flavoured Lube that would be great for the 69 and most of all it doesn't leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Click the image below to buy.