Clit Stimulation

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Clit Stimulation

Hello everyone and apologies for the absent posts over the last few weeks. But we are back with position of the week and the best for clitoral stimulation.

In this blog we will feature 5, yes 5 sex positions that are the best for stimulating that clit and bringing you to orgasm.

1. Ride the edge.

Lie on your back with him flat on top of you, then straighten your legs and press them together with his legs on the outside. Roll your hips slowly and take ... your ... time. When one or both of you feels close, stop. Kiss, stroke his back, stare into his eyes, whatever stops the momentum. Repeat 'til you both are dying to finish — this position gets you too turned on that even if he's not hitting that spot you are going to come anyway because of the build up and tease.

2. The Open Bar.

Lots of women have their most reliable orgasms by leaning back and rubbing, circling, or tapping their clits. If this is you, then do that. Hop on a bar stool (or dresser or table) and spread your legs. The positioning gives you space to rub your own clit while he thrusts inside, which feels amazing.

3.Tunnel of love.( Doggy with a clit rub)

Assume the doggy style position, but instead of a straight-on pounding, have him slide his penis under you and across your clit. Lube up your hand and cup it around his penis to create sort of a makeshift vag/hand job thing, and he'll be more than happy to service you this way. Or insert his penis in the moral doggy style way, but you bend forward and rub your clit while he thrusts.

4. Cowgirl.

Standard cowgirl is great, but if you've tried this and ... nothing, you're going to need to bring in something a little buzzing. Lean down and rub against his pubic bone, or have him rub a lubed thumb across your clit. For more super-charged results, have him wear a cock ring that vibrates for you. It'll also keep him hard as hell (also for you!).



Last but not least

5. The Grinder

If you're a grinder and love to grind your clit off your partner then mount your dude, facing his feet and pressing your vulvic zone onto his leg. Both of you can thrust, while you rub against his leg. Or grind off any other part of your partners body that you see fit.

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