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We wrote a post last year about Locktober and it's as popular as ever. Growing every year this fetish is on the rise, unlike your manhood that is locked away, so lets get locked and loaded and explore Locktober once more.


If you didn't read our last blog on Locktober then shame on you, but here is a brief overview of what Locktober is -

Locktober is the art of locking yourself or being locked in chastity for the full month of October, not to be released until the 1st of November. Sounds fun doesn't it. We think so.

Locktober and chastity is more popular with men than woman and woman are more likely to be the key holders. A key holder is the 'dominant' partner within the scenario. Keeping the key to the chastity device ensuring the man can't be free'd until it's time. That maybe when Locktober ends, or NO'vember or when ever they choose as some key holders don't like being dictated to by a calender. Some people say the best way to celebrate Locktober is to be locked away from 1 October until Valentines Day! All that being said when your partake in such playful activities all of this would be discuss and consent would be given by all parties involved. 


If you haven't experienced chastity before then Locktober maybe a bit extreme and lengthy for you as chastity as a bit like cognitive behavioural therapy for your penis. Your penis sure knows when its getting horny when it's locked away with no where to go. It's a polite way of saying ' down boy'.

When in chastity there is no masturbation, no intercourse and a dampener on hard ons, but you will get horny and when you are released its going to be explosive.

So why do it you ask? well ... it's all about the thrill.

If you are looking to take part - there is still time, get your chastity device from The Pantie Purse - 

Locktober chastity devices


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