Locktober - Chastity

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Locktober - Chastity

What is Locktober I hear you ask? well Locktober is generally when a man wears a cock cage or chastity device for the full month of October. A full months worth of being locked up, and not having access to the key. One month, No unlocking, No Mercy and No exception to the rule.

A little bit about male chastity and why Locktober is so appealing. 

Chastity is usually practiced in the BDSM scene. A submissive male would wear a cage around is penis that is locked with a padlock and key. His dominant is the key holder and the only person with permission who has the power to release him from his cage. A game of tease, a game of submission and dominance and a game that is highly sexual.

By wearing the cage the man surrenders his sexual behaviour to the key holder. They are in total control of his hard on and his orgasm. 

Chastity is nothing new and most modern designed cages are based on the models first designed back in 1956, however there are many varieties to choose from so if you are partaking in Locktober I hope you've picked the right one for you as you are stuck in it for 31 days. 

Plastic Cock Cages are more comfortable than the metal ones, however comfort isn't necessarily what you are looking for when you are locked away. The metal cages have a good weight, are firm and sturdy and cold against the skin. You know you are wearing a metal cock cage and no doubt that will add to the intensity that being caged up will bring.

Locktober can be difficult if you are unable to find a dominant to be your key holder. Many men who enjoy male chastity already have their own cages and no doubt wear them regularly, but a lot are without their key holder. The search gets frantic to find a key holder before Locktober starts on 1 October. There are many adds posted on the internet looking for that special one who will hold their key for them for the full month, some even offer money in return. The partakers of Locktober sometimes don't care who holds the key and will post it across the country to their dominant, who will then return it once Locktober has ended. Pretty cool we think.

Do you have the balls to do it?

Or how about NOvember - which we will talk about next month 

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