Sex Position Friday - Easter Addition.

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Sex Position Friday - Easter Addition.

Well as its a bank holiday and Easter so we thought we would find a sex position that captured the essence of both. After all the weather on a bank holiday is rarely ever good in the UK so staying in and trying this out would be a perfect way to spend your Easter break.

We bring to you - The Bouncing Bunny.

This sex position is a treat for you and him.

What do you need to do - He lies on his back with his legs together. You squat astride him and lower yourself onto him, keeping your back straight so that you are at a 90 degree angle to him. You hold his hands for balance. Once you are in position you lightly bounce up and down, grinding your pelvis against his. It's all in the legs this one, just like a bunny.

This is a get position as it allows for deep penetration and as the lady is on top and in control, it should make it pretty easy for you both to reach orgasm.


Products suited to this position - Well lubricant as its deep or to get things heated before bunny style why not try our Toy Joy Designer Bunii Rabbit Vibe which can be used on him or her.

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