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Sex Position Friday - Sex and Lifestyle Blog

So this is going to be a regular feature from us. We will feature hints tips and sex positions every Friday to help improve your sex life and space things up in the bedroom. 

Your go to sex and lifestyle blog from The Pantie Purse.  Please note we are always working tirelessly to bring unique and interesting content to you not only in our blog but in our online store. Tonight’s post is the first of many on sexual positions. 

Each Friday we will give you our top choice position of the week. We'll give you the low down and the details behind the position, giving you something new and exciting to try over the weekend. Are you ready for all the sexy fun? Let’s see if you can handle this one!

Best Sex Position for Women.

Many women find this pretty good not just because of the position of your man's penis inside you, but also because it gives your man more access to your anus.

THE RIDER – This position is eerily similar to the reverse cowgirl, because of that it will be something familiar yet new to try. Straddle your partner as you like to do, but facing in the opposite direction. By leaning forward to balance on your partner’s knees, begin to slide up and down at a tempo to suit you. This position is easy and effective, leaving you both free to use your hands in other pleasing ways.

Best Sex Position For Women

That is this weeks position. We hope you enjoy trying it over the weekend. Ideal products to use is lubricant, also if you are fingering the anus, use our Give Lube Super Thick Anal Lube for extra comfort. A flogger could also be brought into the mix to run down her back or spank her. Check out our bondage collection.

Although our sexual positions will be fun to try we my trow in some humour as well along the way, so stay tuned.

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