Sex Position Of The Week - Britain's top Fetishes

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Sex Position Of The Week - Britain's top Fetishes

Sex position of the week explores the British obsession with sex and their top fetishes. from sex tapes, to BDSM, this blog will cover what us brits get up to in the bedroom.

We thought of only doing the top 5, but we couldn't miss out number 6, so the top 6 it is.

Taking the number 1 spot is making a sex video. This is a he turn o for us Brits and with nearly everyone having a smart phone, making a sex tape/video couldn't be easier.

sex tape meme


Falling from the top spot is our favourite, BDSM. It stands for bondage and discipline, Domination and submission, Sadism and masochism.

It involves the power exchange between two consenting adults and the submissive does what the Dominant requires of them - within their agreed boundaries. It's been re-classified as a pastime rather than a extreme sex act. As it lets participants develop personal skills, creates a sense of adventure and reduces stress.

BDSM became seriously popular and intrigued many with the release of Fifty Shades of Grey five years ago.

BDSM, Fetish Wear

This brings us nicely to umber 3 with is role-play. Bringing a different character and persona to the bedroom can really spice things up. Think cops and robber and dr's and nurses.

Also thought to be part of the BDSM and Bondage scene number 4 is another favourite of ours. It's rubber, latex and leather. This fetish is all about the style, the feel of the fabric against yours and the other persons skin and how it makes you feel when you wear it. 

This fetish relates to those that gain sexual enjoyment by wearing or having their partner wear rubber, latex or leather material.

They refer to themselves as “rubberists”, with the material acting as a type of bondage.

For some, the smell of these materials can also be a turn on.



The area of the buttocks that meets the back of the thigh is considered an erogenous zone and if contact is made with the right amount of pressure and frequency, it can result be a turn on for many people. Bringing you to number 5 - Spanking.

The aim with spanking is to keep it sensual at all times and maintain that erotic energy between you and your lover. The mix of pleasure and pain can be great fun and items such as the hand, paddles and floggers can be used. Our favourite is the Oscuro Flogger.

black leather spanking flogger

and finally number 6 - Foot Fetish - You may be shocked to hear that having a foot fetish is surprisingly common – it’s the most popular fetish involving non-genital body parts

according to wiki - Foot fetishismfoot partialismfoot worship, or podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet, It is the most common form of sexual fetishism for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts, and is more common in men than women. However some people have a receiving foot fetish wear they get turned on about people loving their feet.

foot fetish


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