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Sex Position Of The Week - Sex and Lifestyle Blog - Sex Outside

With the weather hotting up why stay in doors when outdoors can be so nice. Theres nothing wrong with sex in the bedroom but sex outdoors can be fun.

Garden sex is apparently super popular with 58% of couples saying they'd done it, and this was closely followed in popularity by cars aka the dream location for a cheeky teenage fumble.

Sex outside is nothing new and has hit the headlines several times lately with couples having sex next to flats in London and a couple having sex outside a pub. But sex outside isn't just for exhibitionists it can be for everyone.

So our sex position of the week this week is - Sex Outside.


Sex can be fun outside and here are a few safe places to have it.

In a tent

Camping is like marmite - people either love it or hate it. However, one way to make it way more interesting is to spice things up in the tent with your partner. Snuggle up in between the sleeping bags and get intimate with the sounds of nature all around you. Create more adventure to your night by adding a sex toy, and create some magical memories.


In the sea

The great thing about having sex in the sea is that you can be on a crowded beach and because of the darkness of the water, no-one will even know what you are up to. Slip your bikini to one side and begin the fun - all people around you will see is your top half so they will have no idea what is going on below sea level!

In a car

Sex in a car can be fun, pull into a secluded area either in a forest or by the coast or anywhere you can find really. Sex in the car can be done in so many ways - a quick blow job by leaning over to the other seat to a quick fumble in the back seat or go all out and get in you boot.


On a boat

The silence of the waters and the movement of the waves can be pretty big turn ons, so next time you take a boat trip, make sure to get all aboard your partner and make the most of the ride. Regardless of whether you are on a ferry, a private yacht or a rubber dinghy, the experience is sure to give you both a thrill as you explore each other’s oceans.


In the forest

Turn a country walk into an outdoor sex session, guaranteeing big thrills for you both. Choose a vast woodland or forest with lots of greenery, where you can take shelter to strip off and get down to business. Cut-off tree stumps are a great height for doggie style sex, or pick a sturdy tree for some standing up fun.


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