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Sex Position Of The Week - Sex and Lifestyle Blog - The Quickie

Sorry for the delay, we have been very busy at The Pantie Purse hq, but we are coming back this week with something that we all love, The Quickie. As we have had much me for anything part from work here, we thought this was fitting.

Well if you ask google what a quickie is then this is your answer - It's a brief act of sexual intercourse. 

Hell no, his makes it sound like 'in and out' but  quickie can be so much more.

A quickie is 'speedy' sex without all the cuddles, it's like the fast-food of sex and we all love fast food right?

The Quickie is associated with a situation where the 2 parties involved are that horny they just have to fuck there and then... no matter where it is. hence it could be whilst driving out somewhere, at work, or even in the club?

But although rushed romps are by nature intense—and should be spontaneous—that doesn't mean you should just wing it. Follow these steps to ensure all 5 minutes are as mind-blowing as possible—and to guarantee another quickie in the very near future.

Engage your senses.

although a quickie is exactly hat is says quick, the build up may not be, not in the sense of foreplay more the tease. At the end of the day you have gotten that horny somehow. Is it from what you both wear, from how you both smell, or from what you whisper in each other ear whilst out and about. Communication is key whether that be the eye contact or those sexy texts and emails.

Choose your sexual location carefully.

Often, the thrill of a quickie comes from the fear of being caught more than the actual sex. So consider your sex spot carefully. "Ideal locations bring an element of spontaneity—places where you typically wouldn't do it,"Think the office, your car, a park, a bathroom stall, a stairwell

Stay partially clothed.

If you have time to take off all your clothes then it's not a quickie. So only unzip your trousers, lift her skirt, whatever—just keep yourselves partially clothed. This adds to the excitement and if you nearly get caught you can make a quick getaway.

So how long is a quickie and can everyone get off in this time? well that a tough question as a quickie to some is full blown sex to others, but we think around 5 minutes and because you are so horny and the excitement is so intense, of course everyone can get off.

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