Sex Position Of The Week - Taurus

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Sex Position Of The Week - Taurus

We will talk about the zodiac & the best sex position. The current star sign for the end of April is Taurus. So what is the best sex position for a Taurus?

As a Taurus, you prefer sensual intercourse and performing go-to (but not basic) moves. You like to stick to the classics — not because they're "easy" but because you're used to them. You're very aware of your senses and love to feel an intimate connection with your bed buddy.

So our sex position of the week is the classic Missionary -

Best sex position: missionary. It's a tried-and-tested move with lots of skin contact and room for a lot of kissing. Since you're so in-tune with everything around you, setting the scene is crucial. Dim the lights, spark a neutral-scented candle, and blast some sexy music to get everyone in the mood

Most of us are fans of the Missionary position with the man on top taking control, but getting down and sensual at the same time.

Why not put things into reverse and switch it up with the woman on top. Yes you Taurus women, take control with the Reverse Missionary.

What ever your star sign the Missionary and Reverse Missionary is always a firm favourite where ever you are.

Recommended products for this sexy position - well lubricant is always a good go to product, don't just use it in the obvious way, why not try it as a massage aid. Why to try a cooling or  heated lube for massage to spice things up. Also why not dress sexy to get your partner in the mood. Sexy Lingerie can be very sensual and teasing, so why not leave those stockings on. 

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