Sex Position Of The Week - Brute

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Sex Position Of The Week - Brute

We are here again and its sex position of the week time. It's a great position this week - what is it you ask? 

The Sex Position Of The Week is - The Brute.

You can drive your partner crazy with this position. The Brute sex position is a man on top position in which your man will be quite dominant, but it’s not particularly intimate. The woman lies on her back and brings her knees to her stomach and chest. The man will be standing with his back to you with his legs straddling your hips. He will then squat downwards and slowly enter you. All he then needs to do is slowly squat up and down. Notice that the man should not lean with all his weight on the legs of his woman, even though he sits down, but holds his body on bent legs. This will definitely work his thighs.This not a very comfortable position for some but it is definitely worth it.


You and your man need to be very careful when getting into this position. He will be pushing his penis very far downwards to penetrate you, putting a lot of pressure on his suspensory ligaments which can cause him considerable pain and even lead to injury!

  • This is one of the least intimate/romantic positions out there. That’s why it’s called the Brute, I suppose.
  • If your man enjoys watching pornography during sex, then the Brute is a good position for it. 
  • Your man has to be really careful not to thrust down too hard. Otherwise, he can really stretch and hurt the muscles in your thighs AND he can potentially hurt himself too! and we are not talking about his legs!

As its the bank holiday weekend you should have plenty of time to master this position, so happy playing :)

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