Sexhibition - Manchester Victoria Warehouse Our Review

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Sexhibition - Manchester Victoria Warehouse Our Review

So The Pantie Purse has been out and about again, this time to Sexhibition. (this blog has been transferred from another blog site hence the late post here)

This year Sexhibition was held in a different venue to last, it was in Manchester Victoria Warehouse, which was a massive location and easy to find.



When we pulled into the street where Sexhibition was being held, we were greeted by a man in a hi viz vest who directed us behind a building to park, he then told us it was a £10 charge. I did ask whether he was a genuine parking attendant, which he said he was but didn't provide us with a ticket. It seemed  bit dodgy, however when we walked over the Sexhibition they said they were a private company that Sexhibition hadn't employed but they had the right to be there.


When we entered it was pretty dark, The Victoria Warehouse, is just that - it seems like a victorian warehouse. it was massive and the event was held in several of the rooms over 2 floors.

During the day I decided to wear a dress/lace shirt from our Noir Handmade Fetish Wear Collection. I wasn't so daring with it being a public event and thought to put a boob tube and black knickers underneath it.



We looked around all the stalls that Sexhibition had to offer. There was a lot more stalls than the previous year but a lot of the stalls replicated what was sold on others. To be truthful we didn't see many people buying anything.


Sexhibiton held classes and question and answer sessions with porn stars, however as the times weren't given for these paid events, some of the people who had bought tickets missed the thing they had paid for, including our friends from Love Swingers who had tickets to see Stoya.

On the main stage during the day there was many fashion and catwalk shows and most of the stalls that were selling clothes at Sexhibition participated. you could have a seat in front of the stage and get right up to it to watch the catwalk shows. This changed during the night time event which we will go into later.


Catwalk Show Sexhibition



Plus Size Model in Fashion Show at Sexhibition


There was some amazing people there during the day, photographers, models, pin up girls, porn stars, bloggers and the general public who got dressed up or down for the occasion.


Photographer who looked more like a model at Sexhibition 



Sexhibition 2016


There was one person during the day that I wanted to meet and couldn't miss it and that was the beautiful Suki Singapore. she had just flown in from LA. She was very popular as she was only there for about an hour, so all the TV channels were trying to get in there, to interview her and get her thought on Sexhibition. That included latex fashion TV, who i stood with and chatted to while they waited for their interview.


Latex Fashion TV


I did manage to get to meet Suki and take a selfie which I was very happy about.


The Pantie Purse and Suki Singapore at Sexhibition.


Sexhibition did have more bars this year, however they were on a token system. £10 got 5 tokens. During the day it was rather hot so we decided to get an energy drink and a small bottle of water. It cost us 3 tokens, yes thats £6 for water and an energy drink we have never heard of. You would have been better off getting alcohol at 2 tokens which was £4, but when you say a pint of foster from draft and they pore a can of fosters into your glass - it was a bit disappointing.

We decided to go home to have something to eat, as Sexhibition daytime ended around 5pm and the after dark party didn't start til around 7.30pm.

When we came back the parking attendant tried to charge us again for our parking, which was suppose to be an all day pass, so I refused and told him i'd already paid, he said he remembered my face and said ok.

We went back inside. As last year the stalls were still open on the night and this year they had put tables in front of the main stage for the VIPs (people who had paid more for a ticket and meal) but put barriers round them. This meant that if you didn't have a VIP ticket you couldn't see the burlesque show or anything on the main stage. There was no where to really socialise and relax, no disco , no where to dance. To tell you the truth the after dark party was worse than the daytime. Next year we will only get tickets for the daytime.

I'm not sure whether Sexhibition is getting better or worse, they improve on one thing and mess up another.

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