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Sex position of the week explores the British obsession with sex and their top fetishes. from sex tapes, to BDSM, this blog will cover what us brits get up to in the bedroom. We thought of only doing the top 5, but we couldn't miss out number 6, so the top 6 it is. Taking the number 1 spot is making a sex video. This is a he turn o for us Brits and with nearly everyone having a smart phone, making a sex tape/video couldn't be easier.   Falling from the top spot is our favourite, BDSM. It stands for bondage...

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So this is going to be a regular feature from us. We will feature hints tips and sex positions every Friday to help improve your sex life and space things up in the bedroom.  Your go to sex and lifestyle blog from The Pantie Purse.  Please note we are always working tirelessly to bring unique and interesting content to you not only in our blog but in our online store. Tonight’s post is the first of many on sexual positions.  Each Friday we will give you our top choice position of the week. We'll give you the low down and...

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