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We wrote a post last year about Locktober and it's as popular as ever. Growing every year this fetish is on the rise, unlike your manhood that is locked away, so lets get locked and loaded and explore Locktober once more. If you didn't read our last blog on Locktober then shame on you, but here is a brief overview of what Locktober is - Locktober is the art of locking yourself or being locked in chastity for the full month of October, not to be released until the 1st of November. Sounds fun doesn't it. We think so. Locktober...

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You may remember back in a few blogs ago we introduced some of our most bodacious lingerie targeted at the ladies with all the curves and swerves. Since then we have expanded our range of Leg Avenue lingerie for the full-figured and fabulous lady, and since Big Is Beautiful I was such a hit welcome to our second instalment! This time we have three sensational pieces to feature in our shopping extravaganza, starting with the one at the top. The Leopard Print Babydoll and Pantie Set is available at for an affordable £31.00 and ranges from sizes 16-22. This fantastic piece...

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So a lot of men and women are now asking are boxer shorts underwear? we all know about the underwear of men and it ranges from the buddy smuggling speedo types, to the flappy cotton, worn to death comfy boxers, which clearly have no support and we are not sure what the actual function is. Men have always been told to let it lose, the was until now and until the average boxer short crossed over to being magnificent. Waxx Boxer Shorts were originally designed for the men that do extreme sports, to keep their tackle intact when doing the...

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So The Pantie Purse has been out and about again, this time to Sexhibition. (this blog has been transferred from another blog site hence the late post here) This year Sexhibition was held in a different venue to last, it was in Manchester Victoria Warehouse, which was a massive location and easy to find. Sexhibition   When we pulled into the street where Sexhibition was being held, we were greeted by a man in a hi viz vest who directed us behind a building to park, he then told us it was a £10 charge. I did ask whether he...

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When does the size of your manhood matter? well most of the time! Research shows that size is important for pleasuring your partner and is also a great boost to our self esteem. 81% surveyed would rather have an average looking man with a large penis than a stunner with a small one. Although you can have a very satisfying sex life with the manhood you were born with, men across the ages have gone to dangerous extremes to enlarge their dicks. So can you increase the length and girth of your dick? the answer is YES!!! Jelqing is an...

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