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So a lot of men and women are now asking are boxer shorts underwear? we all know about the underwear of men and it ranges from the buddy smuggling speedo types, to the flappy cotton, worn to death comfy boxers, which clearly have no support and we are not sure what the actual function is. Men have always been told to let it lose, the was until now and until the average boxer short crossed over to being magnificent. Waxx Boxer Shorts were originally designed for the men that do extreme sports, to keep their tackle intact when doing the...

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When does the size of your manhood matter? well most of the time! Research shows that size is important for pleasuring your partner and is also a great boost to our self esteem. 81% surveyed would rather have an average looking man with a large penis than a stunner with a small one. Although you can have a very satisfying sex life with the manhood you were born with, men across the ages have gone to dangerous extremes to enlarge their dicks. So can you increase the length and girth of your dick? the answer is YES!!! Jelqing is an...

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There's one thing we now men are experts at and thats masturbation and with the rise of male sex toys including male stroker, we thought it was worth covering. After all if Rocco Siffredi is even developing something for you men to reach the best orgasm you've ever had alone, then its definitely worth talking about. So we start at the beginning - what is masturbation? well according to wiki - Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. The most common technique for a man is to hold is penis...

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Dating was never a difficult thing for me. I have always considered myself quite social. Whether coming up with a creative activity or merely holding my own in engaging conversation over dinner, I was able to make any date exciting and fun... until I didn’t want to anymore.  I had hit a dating wall. I could almost predict what would happen every time I committed to going out with someone. The same conversations, the same results. It was all so vanilla.  So I went searching online for something different and let me tell you, I found it!  Remember how Alice...

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We are going a bit kinky and exploring many fetishes over the next few weeks. The first being the amputee fetish Acrotomophilia. Whats is an amputee fetish you ask? well let me tell you - according to wiki - Acrotomophilia is a paraphilia in which an individual expresses strong sexual interest in amputees.  Acrotomophiles may be attracted to amputees because they like the way they look or they may view the amputee’s stump as a phallic object which can be used for sexual pleasure jus like a dildo. Acrotomophiles may enjoy the idea of dominating the amputee during couples play and they may also become aroused with the thought...

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