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Well we all want an amazing head rush and orgasm for that matter when we have sex. This sex position is great for that. Do you remember the girl group TLC, well you will definitely be chasing waterfalls after you read about this amazing sex position. Position of the week, this week is the Waterfall. How to perform this position -  Move to the edge of the bed and have your partner lie back with their head and shoulders on the floor as you straddle your partner and slide them inside you The blood will rush to your partners head creating mind-blowing...

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So in this blog we are going to touch on 3 subjects that hit the headlines and papers in popular demand in 2016. Although all 3 have been around in some form or another for hundreds if not thousands of years.We start with the first Cuckolding. So what is it, who is it and whats it all about. Time for a little history lesson. The conversation about cuckolding might be new but it’s anything but new. In fact William Shakespeare used the term as an insult a lot. This was because back in the day the most insulting thing you could imply about...

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