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Sex position of the week explores the British obsession with sex and their top fetishes. from sex tapes, to BDSM, this blog will cover what us brits get up to in the bedroom. We thought of only doing the top 5, but we couldn't miss out number 6, so the top 6 it is. Taking the number 1 spot is making a sex video. This is a he turn o for us Brits and with nearly everyone having a smart phone, making a sex tape/video couldn't be easier.   Falling from the top spot is our favourite, BDSM. It stands for bondage...

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Sex position of the week is a position that is great for the men. We love the term sit on my face and this sexual position gives the best of a good licking and a good hand job. The Rusty Trombone is the weeks sex position of the week. What is it you ask?  Rusty trombone is a sexual act in which a man stands with his knees and back slightly bent with feet at least shoulder width apart to expose his anus, or butt hole if you want it in plain terms. The "player" typically kneels behind the man and performs aniligus (what a...

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