The Bouncing Spoon Sex Positive

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The Bouncing Spoon Sex Positive

We all know the spooning leads to fork haha and one of the best sex positions for orgasm is the bouncing spoon. A great intimate sex position whether you want to be a lazy lover or just get close to your partner, this sex position just feels so natural.

This common position involves nestling your bodies together just like 2 spoons.

The woman then lifts her legs slightly, allowing him to enter her from behind.

As there is only limited scope for movement, the position usually allows for slow and sensual sex.

This position can be adapted for anal and is great for gay couples to.

This position takes spewing to the next level - Spooning is getting close and nestling your bodies together. Why not try this position in an upright position rather than lying down - more like reverse cowgirl.

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