Sport Fucker Thunder Plug Ass Lock

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By popular demand Sport Fucker have created their Thunder Plug as an Ass Lock! The anal plug taps your prostate as you move and the more yo move the harder you will become. The cock ring not only holds it in place but keeps that throbbing manhood harder for longer. New to double penetration? The thin neck is a good starting point to give it a try with your favorite friend.
Made of medical grade silicone.
Oval plug: 1.75 inch / 4,45 cm diameter, 2.5 inch / 6,35 cm length.
Stretchy connector: 0.5 inch / 1,27 cm diameter, 7 inch / 17,78 cm length.
Oval shaped stretchy cockring and ball tugger openings: 1.75x1.5 inch / 4,45x3,81 cm diameter.
Round stretchy cock shaft opening: 1 inch / 2,54 cm.

Available in 3 colours.. which will you choose?