SI XX-Large Black Butt Plug

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Bigger is better and this huge butt plug is definitely one for the size queens! Not necessarily a BBC, the Si Ignite BumPlug is more like a BBBP – BIG BLACK BUTT PLUG. You’ve been asking for a bigger and better butt plug, one with a tapered shape and a massive girth. The XXL BumPlug Butt Plug starts off with a gentle, tapered tip so you can get a grip on your anal stretching. Then it gradually grows in girth to an eye watering 38cm circumference at its widest point. Once it’s fully seated in your seriously stretched back side, your ring piece will enjoy the nice 7cm diameter neck as the immense girth stretches your rectum to its full capacity. The super strong suction cup base will hold your behemoth BumPlug in place while you squat down over this beast. The Si Ignite BumPlug XXL Butt Plug is one best saved for the anal experts out there so if you love the rush of a good anal stretching then you’ll love this massive butt plug!