What's the benefits of Lube/ Lubricant

What's the benefits of Lube & Sex Tips


Lube – what images does it conjure for you? Does it make you embarssed just thinking of it? do you think there's a need? Sex lube is a liquid which helps sexual interaction without any unpleasant chafing. Everyone can benefit from a great lube, regardless of your gender or sexual orientation. Lube doesn’t even care whether you’re in a relationship or not. 


Lube gives you more than reducing the skin drying out durig sex . Lube enhances your pleasure as well as your partners. The right lube can help you feel every sensation in a dramatically new way, letting you enjoy the glide of flesh against flesh, rather than an uncomfortable and dragging experience.


You can use lube for a variety of different purposes:

  • Vaginal Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Sexual enjoyment in water (silicone lube)
  • Masturbation for both men and women
  • With sex toys
  • Erotic massage
  • For your rubber and latex clothing
  • You can even enjoy it on icecream (flavoured lube)


So just how can Give Lube, the best lube on the market (according to us at The Pantie Purse) enhance and improve your sex life and relationships?


Even if you don’t have a physical need for Lube, they are still brilliant fun to use during masturbation and sex. Lube is a great addition to sex and that’s a scientific fact. studie have been carried out and found that the use of sex lube leads to, ” significantly higher ratings of pleasure and satisfaction” for men and women whether young or old. Now that mst have been a great study to have been part of.


Of course using Lube isn’t just about your own pleasure. Here at The Pantie Purse we have a high regard for our parters pleasure and believe is we keep their needs met they wil probably return the favour. Give Lube is about giving pleasure with great Lubes and believe us their range of lubes is definately great. Give pleasure and receive yours with  the full range of lubricants from Give Lube. The range includes Aqua a water based lubeSiliconeSuper Thick Anal and Super Thick Aqua LubeFlavoured and Noir Lube. Also Horny Devil Heating Gel and Ice Breaker Cooling Gel.

Lube Benefits and Top Tips

  • Increases pleasure: It is a scientific fact that using a sexual lubricant leads to higher levels of pleasure and satisfaction during masturbation and sex. It can incease sensitivity and just give a different feeling to pleasuring yourself or someone else.


  • Have Sex Longer - Marathon sex sessions: During long sex sessions,  skin can become dry and discomfort can set in with nasty chafing and, in some cases, pain. Use lube to ensure you cn kep on going, whatever style of sexual session you are enjoying. Thrust (or be thrusted into) longer and harder, without any discomfort.


  • The larger man: If he has a big cock, lube can help ease him in and allows him to slide inside comfortably.


  • Condoms: Condoms are a must for all sexual occasions where you require a barrier form of contraception, not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy but also to guard against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, many find that they can be quite drying. Once you have the condom in place on the penis, apply some sex lubricant to the outside as well as to your partner, to slip inside with ease.


  • Body safe: Unlike many other sex lubricants available, Give Lube Premium Aqua Gel and Silicone+ products are glycerin-free. Using other lubricants which do contain glycerin can cause problems for many women, such as bacterial and yeast infections. Give Lube products are CE marked medical lubricants and also contain panthenol which helps to counteract any nasty bacteria.


  • Prevents painful sex: Sex can be painful for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s down to age, medication, oral contraceptives, dehydration, vaginal changes after childbirth, stress or tiredness, lubricant is the safe and easy solution that eases penetration and increases sexual satisfaction.


  • Anal sex: For anal sex, lube is an absolute must. There is no natural lube produced by the arse or within the bum area, therefore using a lube reduces the chance of any pain during anal sex. What Lube to use during anal sex? Silicone+ lubricant is fantastic for skin to skin contact and is also compatible with condoms, contrary to popular opinion. Premium Aqua Gel Lube is also thick enough for anal and provides a slightly different feel to Silicone+. Our Give Lube Super Thick Anal Lube, well that is designed exactly for what it says on the tin.
  • Oral sex:  Some people find oral sex offputting, is this due to the taste or just the thought of it? Not sure about the taste of your partner but don’t know how to solve this problem? Flavoured lube helps during oral sex. Coat your lover with our Cheeky Cherry or Raspberry Kiss Oral Pleasure Gel to add fun and a great flavour to oral sex, whilst effectively disguising any off putting tastes. Remember give generously, then pass the bottle over. The taste of Give Lube Flavoured Lubes are gorgeous, you could et them on your ice cream and they don't really have that horrible after taste that some flavoured lubes have. believe us we have tried and tested them.


  • Sex toys: Using water based Premium Aqua Gel with your sex toys will keep them gliding over and within your flesh for a solo or shared sex toy experience that is all about the pleasure. Water based lubricant is compatible with all your sex toys, regardless of material. Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone sex toys as this can melt the silicone as silicones can react with each.


  • Clit stim: Unlike the vagina, the clitoris does not produce its own natural lubrication. Remember this before immediately pouncing on what is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body! Natural vaginal lubrication often won’t be produced until the clitoris has been stimulated. How to solve this problem? Simple – apply a few drops of Give Lube to your fingertips before gently caressing her clitoris. She is sure to thank you for it. Our Horny Devil Heating Lube and Ice Breaker Cooling Lube are perfet to heigten the senses and give added pleasure. 


  • Erotic Massage: Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest and greatest massage oils and potions in your bedside drawer. Give Lube is fantastic for erotic massage, providing the effortless glide that makes erotic massage feel so sensational. Start with their back, their shoulders, working your way down the spine to caress their buttocks. Tease between then why not start on their front. Breasts feel fantastic lubed up and for him, a lubricated hand job to finish an erotic massage can be absolutely mind blowing.


  • Testicles: Speaking of lubricating your man, don’t forget the testicles! This sensitive and too often forgotten area of a man’s body can produce high levels of arousal and sexual satisfaction. Lube up those balls, then drag your finger tips and even your nails, gently, over the skin there. Include his shaft into the action and enjoy as the sexual tension goes through the roof. Ready for his intense orgasm either by handjob or through sex? This is a great way to achieve it!


  • Temperature PlayLubricant can be chilled in the fridge before use, or the bottle stood in warm water to heat it slightly before a more exciting sex session. Foreplay will never be the same again. On those hot summer nights, drizzle some pre-chilled lube over their sizzling contours, or avoid the initial chill of lube during a winter session with lubricant that’s already at body temperature for an ultra natural sex session.


  • Make a frozen dildo: For the hottest sex and most daring individuals only! Fill a condom with lube, tie off the top, then set in the freezer to make your very own frozen dildo. Ensure you give it a quick rinse under the tap before use so you don’t get into a truly sticky situation. The condom is tied, so as soon as it begins to melt you can merely discard it and get on with the real thing! Or you can use the lube to then massage all over each other... lets get messy !!!


  • Messy wrestling: Make use of a PVC sheet and set up a wrestling session. The more naked, the better, of course! Silicone+ lubricant aplenty is what you need, making the skin on skin action superbly slippery and erotic. Have a hot bath or shower on standby afterwards for an equally kinky clean up time together with your partner.
  • Wooden dildos: After using and washing a wooden dildo in the standard way, apply a thin coat of Silicone+ lube to the surface to help keep that glistening shine just like a fine varnish. Wooden dildos are works or art, so keep them in tip top condition with the assistance of some silicone lubricant. This keeps the wood grain prominent and also gets the dildo ready for the next use.


  • Prostate massage: As well as using Give Lube with prostate massagers and all your sex toys, lubricant can add a new dimension to the activity of prostate milking. Prostate milking is where the prostate gland, located on the front wall within the man’s anal area, is stimulated to release the built up semen without the need for ejaculation. Popular in BDSM and FemDompartnerships, prostate massage is quite often completed with the help of latex gloves. Add a touch of Give Lube to ease penetration and maximise the pleasure. The ideal lube for this could be our Give Lube Super Thick Anal Lube.


  • Shine up fetishwear: The allure of fetishwear for many is the irresistible shine. Whether your preference is for PVC or latex, there is no doubt that these kinky clothing items need to retain their shine for that spotless, illustrious appeal. Use a touch of Give Lube over your PVC corsets or latex clothes to buff them up and keep them and you at the height of glorious fetish fashion.


  • Beat dry skin: It’s not only your sexual areas that can suffer with dry skin problems. Other parts of the body can be prone to dryness. You can use lube anywhere  use it s a moisturiser, apply a few drops of waterbased Give Lube to problem areas such as elbows, knees, shins and even feet, to keep the skin at bay.