CB 6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

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Cage that beast with this pleasurable bondage device. Put his manhood in the Male Chastity Cage from The Pantie Purse. Cage our chastity slave and put his manhood in this chastity tube.

A polycarbonate Chastity Cock Cage that's comfortable all day long and ideal for long term chastity. Transparent, vented and ergonomically formed for prolonged wear, CB-X style cages are completely customisable for the perfect fit.

Hypoallergenic and vented for comfort, the plastic cock cage also boasts a urination/ejaculation hole, meaning there really is no excuse to remove it. 

Comes in 3 colour choices so choose between clear, black or pink.

As with all male chastity devices, always remove before sleeping.

Cage: overall length 115 mm Front length is 70 mm diameter: 35 mm, inside the cage has two locating bolt and a lock bolt holes.