Chastity Cage DeLuxe

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Lock your cock in this deluxe chastity cage. The padlock will hold you in tight, as the steel keeps your manhood flaccid. A premium chastity cage made from high-quality steel and is polished smooth for a comfortable feeling. 

This chastity cage comes with three steel rings: 4 cm, 4.5 cm, and 5 cm.

The length of the chastity cage is 6.5 cm and the inside diameter of the chastity cage is 3.5 cm.


Diameter Rings: 4 cm, 4.5 cm and 5 cm | Chastity cage: 3.5 cm
Features & Functions Includes 3 different steel rings!
Length 6.5 cm
Material Stainless Steel
Thickness Rings: 1.1 cm