Domestic Partner Giant Crack Attack Butt Plug

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Huge flesh anal plug inspired by the air force, which will attack your crack! Pointy tip will ensure easy insertion and penetration. This xl butt plug will exceed all your expectations by its width. Wide base allows easy handling. The Giant Crack Attack Flesh butt plug requires some space but definitely worth it if you want a size bigger than usual. This delightful pyramid of pleasure is smooth, extra thick and super satisfying! Made of superior quality, odorless, non-toxix (free phthalates) and very easy to clean with, for example, a little detergent.

Total length 22 cm, insertable length 18 cm, diameter 4.8 – 10.4 cm. Domestic Partner’s Giant Crack Attack is made in Belgium of phthalate-free vinyl. It can be used with all types of lubes.