Electro Stimulation Male Chastity Kit

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A cage that's both Electrifying, and thrilling. The Electro Stimulation Male Chastity Kit has everything you need for electrifying pleasure. A dick cage ideal for chastity punishment. Lock your chastity boy in this unique dick cage with e-stim.

The chastity lifestyle just got an added spark. Experience the intense excitement and prolonged punishment of chastity, now with the added bonus of electrical pulses tormenting and teasing you throughout wear. 

Our cock cage can be used with or without e-stim for versatile chastity play. With a clear cage and a ball clasp that adjusts between 1.4 - 2.25 inches across, it provides compact chastisement for most men.

Package Contents:

1 ElectroStim cage; the length of it is about 70mm,inner diameter of cage is about 40mm.
1 plastic ring, which is similar to handcuffs, you can adjust to the most suitable size, maximum adjustable inner diameter is 5.25cm (2.07 inches);
3 Spencers,which helps to adjust the distance of the cage and ring;
1 plastic bayonet lock,which is used to fix the ring at the suitable position;
1 Metal Padlock with two keys.
1 lead and Power Box