Extreme Sex Sling Deluxe

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A heavy duty se sling which will make swinging into action easy and effortless. 

This exquisite bondage sex sling allows you to access your partner while they are suspended in the air, spread open and waiting for you. High quality leather sex swing that allows you to lie back and place your feet in the included stirrups and get ready t be ridden. Adjustable straps at the head allows the sling to raise or lower the upper body.

The sling is made of approx. 2,9 mm thick leather. The pillow is soft padded and adjustable in height.

Includes 1 pair of removable leg / arm loops, 6 carabiners and a handy storage bag.

Length approx. 100 cm / width approx. 50 cm (weight approx. 3 kg)

Attention: the sling can be loaded up to 100 kg.