Large Light Up Remote Control Butt Plug

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A large smooth as silk, anal plug that will not only pt a spark in your love life but illuminate you butt. This remote controlled butt plug is fully rechargeable. It can be used with or without the remote control as it can be turned on by the plug and there is a button on the plug that controls the vibrations. The colors continue to change on the back of the butt plug with its LED light. When you use the butt plug with the remote control you can change or fix the colors yourself. You can also remotely control the vibration modes. The unique thing about this remote controlled butt plug is that the remote control is synchronized with the vibrations of the butt plug, so you know what vibrations your partner has.


* 4 x different speeds
* 5 x different modes
* all the colors of the rainbow
* waterproof
* silicone
* phthalates free
* USB rechargeable