Noir Handmade See Through Mens Wetlook T-Shirt

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A mens t-shirt to show off all your best bits. With see through tulle detailing that runs horizontally at the sides, giving you a slimming look. While the eyelets give you that rock and roll edge. This black Noir Handmade t-shirt has everything going on.

Lenght of back:          Torso width:                Length of sleeve:
size S       64,5 cm      size S         94 cm       size S        23 cm
size M      66 cm         size M         98 cm       size M        23,5 cm
size L       67,5 cm      size L         102 cm       size L         24 cm
size XL     69 cm         size XL       106 cm       size XL       24,5 cm
size 2XL   70,5 cm      size 2XL      110 cm       size 2XL     25 cm
size 3XL   72 cm         size 3XL      114 cm       size 3XL     25,5 cm