Noir Handmade Wetlook T-Shirt With Eco Leather

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A sexy see through mens t-shirt made from eco friendly power wet look material with front lacing design and full wet look back. A Rocker-style close-fitting tulle shirt with eyelet tape in front.
Lenght of back:             Torso width:               Length of sleeve:
size S       65,5 cm        size S         94 cm       size S        22,5 cm
size M       67 cm          size M         98 cm       size M        23 cm
size L        68,5 cm       size L         102 cm      size L         23,5 cm
size XL      70 cm          size XL       106 cm      size XL       24 cm
size 2XL    71,5 cm       size 2XL      110 cm      size 2XL     24,5 cm
size 3XL    73 cm          size 3XL      114 cm      size 3XL     25 cm