Oxball Spark Plug Cocksling/Buttplug Extra Large

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Spark-Plug' a buttplug connected to an extra largeCocksling. A squishy, stretchy buttplug morphed it onto the original Cocksling, creating the best fitting ass-lock possible. Made from the same Tech TPR as Cocksling, the buttplug end is sized right for most any hole, it’s got more give, more stretch, than any buttplug on the market, each ring on the plug stretches away from the next, this thing fit the nooks bends and twists inside your hole like no other…clench your muscle around it, feel it squirm and flex and pull your pucker. The tubular shaft connecting the buttplug end to the Cocksling forms into your crack, this stuff is so squishy and stretchy, wear it jacking off or fucking, every thrust, every stroke transmits from your cock up into your ass.