Oxballs Blaster Hollow Ass Lock with Cork

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If you like your hole stuffed full and your manhood rock hard then the Oxballs Blaster will make you explode. Wrap the ring around your cock or your cock and balls to keep you harder for longer, all whilst having the Blaster firmly inserted. As the Oxballs is Hollow you can stuff your hole with whatever you please. ideal for piss play and water sports. One you have stuffed that hole don't forget to cork it with the Blaster black stopper, or plug that cork as a sign of no entry. Made from Oxballs unique Skin Flex Silicone it warms to your bodies temperature making this male sex toy feel like part of you. 

Usable Length:  4”/ 10.16 cm
Smallest Usable Circumference: 6”/ 15.24 cm
Largest Usable Circumference: 8.5”/ 21.59 cm
Inside Circumference: 6”/ 15.24 cm
Outside Circumference:  8”/ 20.32 cm
Length from Plug to Ring: 3.5”/ 8.89 cm
Weight: 12.5 oz