Oxballs Pug Small Puppy Tail Butt Plug

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Looking for your perfect tail? Oxballs have got you covered... or plugged!

These amazing Swirl Puppy Tails are made from Oxballs' signature Pure Platinum Grade Silicone, making them soft and rubbery, but firm enough to stay planted in your wiggly waggly puppy butt.

Wiggle and wag your way on all fours with this Oxballs Pug Small Butt Plug Puppy Tail.

With several colours available, there's one for every pawsonality! Mix and match with your gear, or go with your favourite colour!

Each tail is individually hand poured meaning no two tails are alike! Each tail is completely unique. It'll stay in place, keeping you plugged and wagging for longer.

The soft, flexible tail hangs naturally, and feels like just another part of your body!

Usable Plug Length: 3”/ 7.62 cm
Smallest Usable Plug Circumference: 3”/ 7.62 cm
Largest Usable Plug Circumference: 5.25”/ 13.335 cm
Tail Length: 10.5”/ 26.67 cm
Total Length: 14”/ 35.56 cm