Oxballs Spark Plug Cocksling/Buttplug

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The Sparkplug by Oxballs is their ever popular Cocksling design, attached to a flexible stem with a four inch long anal plug. This ingeniously designed sex toy for men combines all of the pleasure and stimulation of a Cocksling with erotic anal play. The Sparkplug operates as a Cocksling that snugly separates your dick and balls while bum plug stimulates your ass, connected by a five inch long flexible tail. This male sex toy uses dual action to intensely stimulate the cock and balls, and the anus all at the same.

Cocksling Portion: One Size fits most • Total Length: 12 in (30.5cm) • Insertable Length: 4 in (10.2cm) • Cock and Ball Entrance Diameter: 1.75 in (4.4cm) • Cock and Ball Entrance Circumference: 5.5 in (14cm) • Penis Exit Diameter: 1 in (2.5cm) • Penis Exit Circumference: 3.14 in (8cm) • Ball-Sack Exit Diameter: 1.25 in (3.2cm) • Ball-Sack Exit Circumference: 3.9 in (9.9cm)

Available in black, red, ice blue and clear