Oxballs Squeeze Ball Stretcher

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Looking to add some swing to your balls? Wrap the Oxballs Squeeze Ball Stretcher around your sack for some serious stretchin’

The unique hourglass shape grips tighter in the middle where you want it most when stretching, but is soft and comfortable at the same time. The ends are thicker and don't dig in or pinch your skin. Inside are two thin raised rings that keep this stretcher where you put it.  The Oxballs Squeeze is made from FLEX TPR so its lightweight and compact but still packs a punch. Unlike silicone, FLEX TPR has a completely different feel for an entirely new stretchin sensation.

Height: 2”/ 5.08 cm
Outside Circumference: 5.5 -6”/ 14.02- 15.24 cm
Inside Circumference: 3.5”/ 8.89 cm
Weight: 1.6 oz

Available in Clear, Silver or Black