Oxballs Tri Sport Silver Cocksling

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3 male sex toys in one Oxballs dick toys. Invoke the power of three with the Oxballs Tri-Sport Cocksling. Place your manhood in the three conjoined rings and allow the Oxballs Tri Sport Cocksling to provide your with a penis that stays swollen and standing to attention. The ball ring gives your ball sack a gentle push downward for an erotic ball tug thats satisfying. The Tri-Sport Cock Sling is modelled from soft and smooth flex-tpr material which fit your penis and balls perfectly with just the right amount of grip.

The Oxballs Tri-Sport’s unique and versatile design allows you to choose how you wear it. You can pull your ball sack through the wider opening and enjoy an increased grip on your penis. If you’re really feeling brave, you can even pull your sack through the sides and use it as a ball separator or divider.  The choice and pleasure is all yours.