Pixey Exceed Powerful Massage Sex Wand

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A wand that exceeds the power of any other. The Pixey Exceed is a powerful mains powered sex wand that packs a punch. The Pixey Exceed Wand Massager adds even more power to your sexual climax. The feeling of the stimulation Nubs on the massager head, is a new sensation that will massage your sweet spot. Its is light in the hand and easy to hold. Mains powered and controlled by a roller dial, and has the most powerful and strong multi-speed vibrations that a sex toy can offer. It is simply the most exciting and orgasmic sex toy you can own; it will leave you breathless! 
  • Multispeed
  • Powered by Cord 
  • High power with rotation of 13500 rpm
  • Built-in cooling-fan system with more power and longer durability
  • Color Black & White
    Height boxed: 6.6cm
    Length boxed: 32cm
    Material Silicone
    Width boxed: 9.8cm
    Brand Pixey


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