Unicorn Spit Donut Favoured Lube

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We love unicorns and we always wondered,what does unicorn poo look like? Well we know its rainbows but now we know what unicorn spit tastes like and it's donuts. Wet Unicorn Spit is a water based lubricant that tastes incredible, and who can resist a  delicious donut flavoured lube? Bring out your inner unicorn and taste great in the bedroom.

This donut flavoured lube is free from phthalates and is preserved with pentylene glycol and potassium sorbate instead. These are less likely to irritate your skin, making this a great lube for regular play. This flavoured lubricant makes a great gift for a unicorn-adoring partner and is safe for use with latex. The formula is non-staining, and is easily cleaned off with warm water. This lube is free from sugar and fat for guilt-free fun with plenty of taste. Available in a 130ml lube tube.